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Specialized Software

For critical lifts or applications where a large amount of detail is required, VIC’S Crane & Heavy Haul, Inc. can incorporate laser scans into any of our models.
These laser scans provide a method of taking a ‘digital picture’ of an area. Every pixel of this scan has x, y, and z coordinates geo-referenced to the plant coordinates.
Pipes, valves, foundations, equipment and structures can be quickly scanned into a file and incorporated into VIC’S crane plan.
These scans provide a very high level of accuracy and a clear picture of where the heavy lift equipment will be in relation to plant equipment.
Vic's Crane & Heavy Haul, Inc. engineers utilize the following variety of programs to provide the best service the industry has to offer:
- AutoCAD
- SolidWorks
- Microstation
- Navis Works
- Cloudworks

- Cyclone
- Primavera P3
- Microsoft Project
- 3D PDFs
All of VIC’S lift plan detail drawings can be exported to a 3D PDF format. These files can be opened by anyone with an Adobe Acrobat reader, and allow the viewer to rotate, zoom and pan around the model.

Click here to view an example 3D PDF from Vic’s Crane & Heavy Haul, Inc.

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