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Vic's Crane & Heavy Haul, Inc. is continuously working on new projects, those listed below are highlights

Cat Walk Project
Lake Byllesby Dam & Power Generating Station, MN
In the spring of 2017, the Dakota County Environmental Resources department challenged Vic’s with the task of finding a solution to their problem.  Joshua Petersen, the senior water resources engineer, had 5 bridge sections to install over the Lake Byllesby Dam & Power Generating Station.  After evaluating the site, it was agreed that the only place to set up a crane large enough to hoist the bridge spans was downstream below the dam spillway.

Vic’s scanned the area and developed a ramp that not only supported the weight of the crane, but also supported the weight of the transport with all of the counterweight loaded on it.  Once located down in the spillway the crane was able to traverse the terrain using removable roadways installed by Dakota County and Vic’s.  After the crane was set up Vic's crew delivered the bridge sections and assembled them next to the crane prior to hoisting into place.  Although the last bridge span was the lightest and shortest span, it was still a 140 foot reach for the 165 ton Grove crane.  After the last section of bridge was installed, all equipment, roadways, and bridge ramps were removed as if they were never there.
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Cemstone Drum Replacement
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Marquette Barge Offload - Wartsila Project
Marquette, MI

In October of 2016, Vic's transported 3 Wartsila 18V50DF engines, each weighing 656,313 lbs., to Marquette City's Board of Power & Light new 50 MW Power Plant.

During the early stages of the project it was determined that Marquette did not have any suitable ports for the ocean transport to offload the engines.  After months of engineering and preparation the barge landed on the beach in front of   the temporary unloading platform built by Vic's.  The engines were transported off the barge using 14 axle lines of a self-propelled H Goldhofer trailer.

Vic's built 12 temporary bridges protecting culverts and the Universities' 6 ft. wide steam tunnel.  A month later Vic's returned with their 14 lines of self-propelled H Goldhofer trailer, a 500 ton gantry system, and a hydraulic slide track to set the engines and generators in final position.

​Vic's engineering, project management, and skilled operators were able to safely and efficiently overcome roadblocks in order to deliver the engines and generators within the customer's timeline.
Ammonia Converter Vessel Project
East Dubuque, IL
In the spring of 2016, Vic's successfully completed the rail offload, onsite transport, and heavy lift of a 702,450 lb ammonia converter vessel to assist an expansion project at CVR Partners LP-East Dubuque Nitrogen Fertilizers, LLS (formerly Rentech Nitrogen, LLC). 

The setting of the ammonia converter vessel was one of the heaviest single crane lifts Vic's has completed in its 65 year history.  Vic's had the expertise and equipment to safely and efficiently complete the heavy lift along with coordinating other project tasks.

Lifts Completed:
     DR-62A - 58,000 lbs
     DR-62B - 89,000 lbs
     Ammonia Converter Vessel - 702,450 lbs
     Internal Cartridge - 96,161 lbs
     ER-61C Effluent Exchanger - 152,560 lbs
     Structural Steel - 140,000 lbs
     Heavy Wall Piping - 60,000 lbs
     ER-6A Steam Superheater - 60,848 lbs
     ER-6B Waste Heat Boiler - 92,594 lbs

Helping Heat the U of M
Minneapolis, Minnesota
 In fall of 2015, Vic’s began work at the new $96 million dollar University of Minnesota Combined Heat & Power Plant. Vic’s was contracted to transport a 225,800 lb GE natural gas fueled combustion gas turbine from an over the road transporter to the final location on the power block, along with installing 10 HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) boiler modules through the roof (some weighing up to 100,000 lbs each). 
When the combustion gas turbine was offloaded it was transferred by crane to Vics' Goldhofer trailer. Vic’s 550 ton hydraulic crane hoisted this turbine from the platform trailer to Vic’s slide track system slide which slid and jacked the turbine to to its foundation pads.
Vic’s supplied a Manitowoc 16000 (440 ton) lattice boom crawler crane to conquer the task of setting the modules in the confined work site.  Vic’s also utilized slide track in the HRSG module install to receive the modules from the crane, and slid them down to the final location. Once the modules were slid into place, they were lowered to the foundation plates using the hydraulic jacks. The HRSG boiler module install was completed with the setting of the exhaust stack.
The Big Racing Win
Vic's Crane & Heavy Haul, Inc. has its own race car and its own engineer driving it! Nick Murgic, age 24 of Rosemount, MN, drives the Vic's sponsored Super Late Model car within the ARCA Midwest Tour.

Sponsors, Conny Mahoney and Tim Harty, congratulating Nick on his big win.

Nick engineered and built his own chassis from the ground up and Tuesday August 4th, 2015 he pulled a great win taking home the Dixieland 250 $10,000 grand prize at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

Click here for more about the big win
Vikings Stadium
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vic’s Crane & Heavy Haul, Inc. erected tower cranes for the first phase of the Minnesota Vikings stadium project (spring 2014), set pre-cast (spring 2014 - still ongoing), and set the US Bank stadium sign (summer 2015).
Click here to view progress from the live webcam
Killdeer Power Plant Transformer Move
Vic's Crane & Heavy Haul Inc. transported a 498,000 pound transformer from a railcar with a 100ft long Goldhofer trailer. Just south of Mason City, Iowa the transformer was hauled 8 miles over 34 underground structures, including culverts ranging from 18” to 72” and wooden bridges to the Killdeer Substation.
Mason City, Iowa
Minnesota Welcomes You
Ash Silo Penthouse
Stillwater, Minnesota
Cohassett, Minnesota
Vic’s Crane & Heavy Haul Inc. used their fleet’s new Grove 450-ton hydraulic crane to set the 67,000 lb “Minnesota Welcomes You” sign at the end of the Hudson, WI – Stillwater, MN bridge.   
Vic's Crane & Heavy Haul Inc. hoisted a 88,000 pound Ash Silo Penthouse into place using a 550 ton (GMK 7450) crane for Boldt Construction. 
Maintenance Shop Construction
To better accomodate and maintain the growing inventory of crane, heavy haul and other specialized lift equipment in its fleet, Vic's Crane & Heavy Haul, Inc. constructed a new maintenance shop in Rosemount, MN.
The 25,000 square foot shop has 9 maintenance bays and was completed in October 2014.
Rosemount, Minnesota
Power Plant Duct Heavy Haul
La Cygne, Kansas 
Vic’s Crane & Heavy Haul Inc. was contacted to move duct sections that were fabricated on site at a power plant. The duct sections were made to carry exhaust gasses produced from the power plant to be filtered.
Vic’s used a self-propelled Goldhofer platform trailer to move the duct sections from the fabrication laydown yard to the on-site crane to be offloaded and set in place.
Duluth Bridge Beams
Duluth, Minnesota
Vic's Crane & Heavy Haul Inc. picked six total 180’ long bridge 227,000lb beams.
Two cranes picked 550 tons at 60’ and 350 tons at 50’ for Robert R Schroeder construction.
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  2. Setting the Welcome to Minnesota Sign - Stillwater, MN
  3. Setting the Welcome to Minnesota Sign - Stillwater, MN
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